Thursday, March 13, 2014

Cinnamon Donuts & Fume Opening at Dubai Marina

So this is a first for me on the blog, but I was recently invited to try out a recipe from the dessert menu of soon to be opened restaurant Fümé, in Dubai Marina. I jumped at the chance because its always nice to try out new dessert recipes, and I love donuts. Plus I was eager to see how well these turned out to be.

The result? Warm, fried donuts rolled in cinnamon powder and sugar, and lightly fragranced with a surprisingly complimentary mix of nutmeg and lime zest. Once bitten into, these donuts were perfectly pillowy soft, with a very faint refreshing hint of lime from the zest.

They take a little bit of time to make, as you need to proof the dough, knead and divide into balls, and then wait a little while longer for a second proofing. But the results were definitely worth it.
Once fried, the donuts had a very classic quality to them in taste. You know when you crave a sugary soft donut? This donut beats that craving. And what I found makes them taste even better is slathering them with a little homemade chocolate ganache!

A little bit about Fümé itself - the restaurant is designed to be a casual neighbourhood eatery, with a focus on good, nostalgic, home food. Head chef Grand Brunsden has ensured a menu featuring eclectic items from around the world, cooked simply with the best quality ingredients.

Make these donuts yourself, or once Fümé is open head down and try them. Either way, they are going to be good!

Cinnamon Donuts
Recipe from Fümé Dubai

100ml fresh milk
3g fast action yeast
25g sugar
1 lime, zest only
250g strong flour
¼ tsp salt
1 egg
1g grated nutmeg
25g butter, softened
Sunflower oil for frying
Cinnamon powder for rolling
Caster sugar for rolling

1.    Mix the yeast and milk.
2. Add the flour, sugar, salt, lime zest and nutmeg to the milk and yeast mix and continue mixing till the mix is smooth.
3. Add the egg and vanilla extract and continue mixing till smooth.
4. Add the butter and on high speed mix till the dough starts pulling from the side.
5. Place in a greased bowl and proof till the dough is double in size.
6. On a clean surface, place the proofed dough and knock back the air by kneading it lightly.
7.  Portion the dough into 30gms and shape them into balls
8. Place on a greased tray and let rise.
9. Heat the oil and fry the donuts on both sides.
10.  Roll the warm donuts in cinnamon sugar which is made by mixing sugar with cinnamon powder.

Disclaimer: I was not offered any compensation and all opinions here are my own. 

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