Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rose Mint Lemonade

Gosh its been long since my last post. I didn't get to travel anywhere over the summer but I've been busy with the usual such as painting commissions, visits from family and relatives, as well as actually starting a part-time job (in the food business!). I know summer is pretty much over, but if you're lucky to live in warmer climes then a cool, refreshing homemade drink will be a welcome beverage at all times. I was inspired to make a rose mint version of lemonade simply because of my love of all things rose infused - and this recipe has been made two, three, four times over the past couple of months which is why I knew it was worth sharing. Its easy too as I just mix everything straight into the jug I use for pouring. 

I also think its a very 'Dubai' drink - I am a sucker for lemon mint mocktails when dining out, and I'm always oohing and aahing about certain mixes which bring a different flavour to the table. So perhaps subconsciously I wanted to recreate a similar mindset with this drink - doesn't everyone love the idea of sipping on an ice cold citrusy juice (alcoholic or not) on a restaurant verandah, whilst relaxing and taking in their surroundings?

It might seem odd to some to add rosewater to a lemon and mint concoction, but actually this all blends together really well. As with most recipes where rosewater is added, the result is a mild yet pleasant aromatic hint of rose. Not too powerful but enough to stir the senses. It's definitely a very summery drink, and perfect for those warm balmy days in the garden.

Rose Mint Lemonade
Makes 2 tall, or 4 small glass servings

1 whole lemon
Half a lime
2 tsp rose water syrup
1/2 cup sugar syrup
3 cups water
Handful of mint leaves, chopped
Dried rose petals

1. Make the sugar syrup, by heating half a cup of sugar with 3/4 of a cup water. Bring to a boil, stir and then turn the heat off once all the sugar has dissolved. You will probably have more than you end up needing.
2. Juice both the lemon and lime. Pour the juices into a small jug, and then add the cups of water, rose water, and a third to half a cup of the sugar syrup.
3. Mix well and taste, adding a little more sugar syrup and water if the mixture is too sour. Add the chopped mint and a few dried rose petals.
4. Leave to steep in the fridge for at least an hour.
5. When ready to serve add a little crushed ice if desired (I prefer without) to the mixture and pour into serving glasses.


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