Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First post!

I've been dabbling with the idea of having my own blog for many years now. I must have spent countless hours scouring through all kinds of blogs, have once upon a time kept an online diary, and more recently managed an art blog for the gallery I worked at. However, since getting married I've been (gladly!) spending a lot more time in the kitchen, having been a complete cooking novice beforehand, and although I always enjoyed baking and making sweet things, my interest in the culinary arts has most definitely considerably grown. I started to share pictures of my baking on Facebook and this prompted my husband to ask 'Why not have an online space to show them?.' This got me thinking - social media has done so much in this age to reach and connect people, and though it has its downsides, if used correctly what a great platform it can be for reaching specific communities and increasing knowledge and understanding amongst us?

I also thought it was about time a Kumbaro (proudly a member of this Indian-origin community) had a blog :)

This blog will primarily be a space for me to share my interests and passion for food. I may even open up a blog to focus on culture, history and art in all its forms, so watch this space!

I leave you with a picture of some simple but delightful vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting!



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